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We are so excited to offer this to the Hillsboro Area School district community.  This is a print of the custom drawn design by Brianne Hubbart of Hubbart Wood.  This print shows all the fine detail in each mark and the time and care that was put into bringing this image to life.


About the image.


Hillsboro is a melting pot that stretches all the way from Witt Illinois to Donellson Illinois.  From Coffeen to the Raymond blacktop.  It is a vast area with a beautiful mix of people from all around.  That being said.


Hillsboro has gone through some transitions.  This print represents the Beckemeyer Bull Dogs elementary School mascot, Coffeen Cub, Junior High Dragons and the Hillsboro High School Toppers.


We are excited about things to come as we are making this a digital image and will have Cups, Shirts, Stickers, you name it.  Coming soon.


The best part of this print is that it helps fund the toppers.  50% of the profits goes straight to our school football program.


For those of you that dont know.  Football helped change my life.  It saved mine really.  I was on a troubled path.  My father passed when I was 10 from ptsd due to his service for our country.  He had flashbacks painted his face and drank himself slowly to death to try to over come the pain.  Coach Powell Coach Strizel and Coach Stewart where great men in my life that helped guide me into what i am today.


That brings up the other 50%. we are doing some huge things in Montgomery County.  We are in need of funding to help make these projects videos and community service possible.  So the other 50% will go directly to Hubbart Wood.


We cant thank you all enough for the support in the community as our family has made new paths and possibilities possible for everyone.


I thought my life would be complete when i got the message that I had changed someones life for the positive like mine was all those years ago.  I went to Millikin University where I wanted to be a coach to help save someones life like mine was.


The first message has come and gone and many more have come in since.  I never got to finish my teaching certificate at Millikin and later would join the Tabor School of Business.  But life works out in mysterious ways.


I am honored to be a proud determined Topper Nation supporter and plan to do so for the rest of my days.  My biggest goal now is to see someone through to the big leauges.  Whoever that may be and how ever long it may take are not factors.  In the meantime I hope to help influence young men in a positive manor to have a great life.


So your support means the world to us and the program.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read my ramblings.  


With Love Hubbz32 Class of 04 back to back final four.

Topper Transition canvas print

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