Raffle tickets for Eagle soldier memorial. American Patriot Vanguard Illinois Rc presents Ray Sapp memorial ride July 9th
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Illinois Chainsaw Carver Chris Hubbart and Brianne Hubbart

By Chris & Brianne Hubbart


Welcome to Hubbart Wood.  We travel the world and carve sculptures at events and for clients.  Our specialty is Custom Chainsaw Carvings.  We have projects that range from $200 - $100,000.  We base each project on budget.  Please schedule a consultation by emailing Hubbartwood@gmail.com

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Bugs Bunny pulling Chuck Jones out of magic hat.

Chris and Brianne Hubbart two artist from Illinois create a magical Bugs Bunny pulling Chuck Jones out of a Hat.​

This piece has a ton of meaning.  Check out the full story how Chris met Chuck Jones Grandson Craig.  See how this piece is helping them raise money for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

Ray Charles Chainsaw Carving with Custom carved Baby Grand.

By Hubbart Wood and Maggie Valley Carver Mike Ayers

Custom Chainsaw Carving of Ray Charles setting at baby Grand Piano with Demun Jones logo on the top.  This piece was carved with chainsaws at Chaptacular 2019 by Chris Hubbart of Hubbart Wood and Mike Ayers of Mountain Mikes Whetstone Wood Works.


Chaptacular Chainsaw Carving Bash is where Ray and the Baby Grand Chappy was carved to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Coast to Coast Pictures we have taken from literally driving across the country carving.  Yes we travel.

West Coast 


East Coast 


Along with having a art Gallery filled with Local artist works.  We host carvers from all over the world.  While they are here they carve pieces to be displayed at our gallery.

265 Springfield Rd

Hillsboro IL, 62049

Phone: 217-556-2979


We specialize in custom Chainsaw Carvings that no one else has while recycling urban trees.  We strive to make one off pieces that are not done over and over and over again.  Custom work is amazing and can mean a lot.  We try to keep the site up to date but we are for sure faster at posting on Facebook. So make sure you check us out on Facebook under Hubbart Wood.

My wife Brianne and I are an amazing team.  We are so blessed to be able to raise our children in a world of creativity.

Her background in Arcitechtual Drafting added with the spice of watching her father, who was a graphic designer, has developed her into a sensational artist.

My father was also an artist and my mother was a crafter.  We grew up making something out of nothing. Mix that with 20 years of construction experience and being an artist myself.

Boom! You've got yourself Mom and Dad art ninja's.

Tree Removal

Because I use a lot of what I remove from customers yards I can offer a discount that most trimmers can not offer.  I am not saying I can do every job for free however I do consider the value in the logs I am removing.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

Chris & Brianne Hubbart