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Dear Hobo Jack here is a short story made just for you...

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Christopher Q. 32 is a writing name i have pondered

My Name is Christopher Quinten Scott Hubbart.  I am son to the late Curtis Michael Hubbart.  He was a Service man that past when I was ten years old.  My mother Sharon Waters who i encourage you to meet cooks at Grandmas Kitchen in Irving Illinois.


My father was a PTSD veteran so he was incarcerated some of my younger childhood before he past for DUI's.  He would draw these amazing pictures home and Mom and I would craft.

It was what we had to do and i liked it.  We didnt have much money so I learned to make something out of nothing.  My mother was a master cake maker and artist.  She had a way with making food an art.  The taste the feel the smell.  My wife and I’s wedding cake looked liked a Hollywoood movie cake or better.

My Momma

She is still alive as I write this to you.  She is suffering Stage four Colan Cancer and going through the nasty chemicals that these Dr.s Suggest she takes to shrink the tumors.

She taught me hard work and I mean it.  She has a Giant knot on her back that used to be a lot worste from the weight and pain she carried through life.  But she just kept putting her head down and worked her fingers to the bone so we had anything at all.  She is truly a Saint and has helped people since before i could remember.

Making wedding cakes in a run down house in Witt Illinois with a leaking roof and a Man in prison for his PTSD from the war he tried to drown with a bottle.

I remember making these heart shaped wooden plaques that she would glue bibles and lace all around.  There presentation was amazing.  My favorite christmas tree and we had some amazing ones was santa claus made from recycled light bulbs.

After my dad Died i realized my mom was having to walk around our big ditch that was often filled in Witt to get the mail.

I drug two recylced railroad ties home by hand and made her a bridge to cross that lasted for years before our house burnt down and we lost everything.  I was around 11 years old and remember thinking I was the Man of the house now.

Of course i think my dad knew the end was coming because when I was nine he told me son one day you will be man of the house.  I can still hear him and see his voice say it after all these years.

As a child our house was next to Bob Lees little garage he had to shine his cars up.  Bob lee was also a man that made it on American Pickers.  He owned a place down town witt where there used to be some old cars when i was very young.  I heard stories of them and was fascinated.  I would try to peak through the windows where the cool car ingets were mounted to the face of the building.  But you couldnt see much.


Bob and Donna were one of Briannes first big pencil drawing commissions.  He got the cheif to go behind his motorcycles.

Brianne Husted Hubbart

This was one of Briannes first art sales I believe that helped her see we could make it selling art.  Bob and Donna blessed us purchasing the original at the time for $1,700.  One day I believe that chief will be worth more than the motorcycle.  It is a one of One original frame and picture.

Brianne was born to David and Shirley Husted of Alton.  Briannes father was a Graffic designer.  She grew up painting and drawing on the walls.  Then would later attend Architectural Drafting classes before we started Hubbart Wood.

Brianne and Here father David

This We lost Dave to a tragic accident of him falling down the stairs suddenly.  I always promised him I would make Brianne a queen.  We have been together since I was 15 and I am 37 at the time that I am writing this to you.

Our Family 
There names Are Seth Michael Eugene, Davin Walter Scott, and Creedence Helena Maria.

Brianne and I have three magical children.  They all share our artistic traits and are spoken highly of in public and how they treat people.  I have worked my fingers literaly through the flesh to the bone so they would not have to have the journey I did.

Hubbart Wood 265 springfield rd Hillsboro Illinois

There are many pictures you can see of our sculptures in wood.  I thought I would take this time to show you our last year snow creation.  We ended up painting him green and it looked awesome.

This is to help you see the picture that I literally have been creating something out of nothing to help this county even if it will melt away.  People drove to see it and eat across the street.  It made the news ect.  Just a simple snow sculpture.  Which we have plans for some cool ones this year.

We started Hubbart Wood because I seen local tree trimmers cutting down good oak trees, cedar, pine, cypress, catalpa hickory you name it and just throwing it away.  I wanted to recycle or repurpose in town trees. 

I found god through a tree and how it recycles the carbon dioxide and makes it usable O2 for us to breathe.  I started to better understand the cycle of life and creation through its design and beauty.  You know much of this story so I am going to go back to where it started and why I am a car Guy.
In The Begging
My Uncle was name Scotty Scott.  He bought and sold cars at the auctions and bought the older used ones from the dealerships when I was a kid.  I grew up in his junk yard litterally where mullens would come from time to time and take a load out.  Then there would be new cars and tractors to play on or imagine a far away land.

My uncle raised me like he was a father to me.  So i handed him wrenches while he turned them on the 1953 chevy step side I still own and plan to redo in the next 5 years or less.  We will see things are starting to get easier to do.

I grew up drooling over the firebird and Elenore the Nicolas cage 1967 Mustang Shelby GT 350.  I can still hear the cam and the glut of the piston as it idols.  It is something magical to hear all the cylinders and pistons firing in such a design that allows to spin the crank in a smooth motion.

My first business plan I would write with a 820 credit score I had worked hard for only to have the bank buy the building i wrote the plan for.  It was for the broadway market building and the original Shop my uncle owned across from the Witt Bank.

They are the ones that decided they needed the parking more than a new business in Witt Illinois.

I designed it before American Pickers came out.  It was to be a dinner you could get some of my mothers good cooking at.  The tables you would set at would be custom made and you could purchase them and we would build another for the spot.  

I wanted old car signs and gas pump antique signs on the walls.  We were going to sell farm raised meat with no chemicals.  Fresh produce pickers market where the community could of brought there produce to sale.  

This was shortly after I got out of college in 2005 or so maybe 2006.  Before renovating a down town was cool and fixing up the old things was in style.

I was the president of the Witt Lions club when I was twenty three years old.  That is How I knew about the hearing aid program.  While I was president it was the Highest profitable year the program had seen.

This allowed us to help more people and do more things I thought.  

Then Bill Hicks who used to pick up the cans on the side of the road.  His daughter died and the state didnt have enough money to burry her.

So when you said the state and medicare didnt have the money to pay for something it triggered me to here we are again.  I got emotional because I thought you were a man that could not afford hearing aids and no one was helping you.

I got emotional because I have been there by myself before making it happen and I was and am still in the process of making sure we can talk.  So you will be getting someone soon to talk to you about a hearing aid.

When I seen the air conditioner in your window with a four inch gap letting the outside air in I got emotional because I thought why in the world have we gotten to a place in society that not one of all your new neighbors in town have come over to help take the air conditioner out of the window so the cold stays out.

I started out to buy the old Brubaker building because I love cars.  Before I really even knew who you were my plan was to buy it because they put model T and Model A's together there.  I am already working on a deal to also buy the GM location across the street which is now Gibson Diesel.

The story is Clyde Brubaker who I sold cars for for several years and had the pleasure of meeting his father Clyde.  Come to find out Clydes dads dad and his brother came town and one opened a GM dealership and one built the ford factory or assembly right there in the big brick Brubacker building.

My plan on buying it was to use the skills I learned in welding at Caterpillar and mix them with fabrication and car parts for car themed art.  Sculptures bars tables ect.  Also we will have carved mustangs cobras and so much more.

I was talking to a body shop about how I wanted to use old cars that couldn't be fixed and turn them into sculptures or art in a sophisticated way.  I have several plans in my head on pieces i want to do.  Some world know master welder artist are already lined up to come to Litchfield Illinois and make things with me.

I seen your eyes light up when I told you who I was.  After you said you had been here I remember giving you the time to give you an hour or so tour as I told you how I made this possible and all that I had been through in this county.  Some of which I cant put in this letter just yet.

I was guilty that I didn't watch the American Pickers episode on you.  I didn't realize everything I was looking for and more was setting so close.  I talked to Josh Ronco about the possibility of years to come to have some cool model T and Model A's on display.

I was coming to talk to you because I thought you had some parts.  When you said a couple head lights I thought Jerry had feed me a tall tale that you had some parts only to hear you say head lights.

There is some simple fixes to your property in town and I promised you I was bringing the team over and that still stands.  I have been called a Hoarder so I know what things mean.

I felt like little mermaid walking around the farm.

There are a lot of things people don't know about me.  I was one of the fastest typing kids in our computer class with Mrs.  Laura Rench,  I designed a 3d model of then Coach Powell now superintendent that you could make changeable hats on his head in the computer.


So not only did I learn how to bail hay put it in the barn.  Cut fire wood, do dry wall, pour concrete, put roofs on, and every aspect for the most part of construction I learned how to  Change the heads on my 1976 Chevy with a 80 square body on the frame with a 350 boarded 50 over in a set of 202 double hump heads.  It had dual flow master forty exhaust and a four speed muncie in it.  I also learned how to write Html to build websites early in my life before it was cool. 

So Jack I hope that you will accept this as a official application to apply for the typist position to see and hear some of your stories.  Then type them write them produce them whatever we need to do.  Send them to publishers ect.

I have a couple special librarians that I am sure could guide me further in the right direction.

I wish our meeting would have come sooner because we could of put water and plumbing in a cabin on the farm for you.

Brianne and I are car people and cant wait to have a few collectors of our own.

I want a Elenore 67 shelby gt 350, a 70 split bumper camero, chevelle ss convertable, oh i could go on and on.  

But the main point to getting the Brubaker building was to have something there for pickers markets and also make Litchfield Illinois a number one stop on the Rt. 66 100 year tour that is coming up in 2026.  I have world class carvers from all over the world.

The biggest irony of this story is to come home and find out your mother was a sculpture that told you not to do art.  Only for you to collect car things that a sculpture artist car guy wants to help make the Hobo Jack legacy live on for decades to come in Montgomery County Illinois.

Some of the frames that cant be used for frames anymore will make some cool chandeliers.  Thats just one thing.  The Pile of rims that cant be used for Model T or Model A's will make an awesome table base.  And many more.
I have a Design for a bar with henry ford setting on it with custom bar top bumpers for kick plates ect.  I have world renowned Barbie the welder wanting to come to our new shop before I ever knew our paths would cross.
I cant wait to tell you some of the visions I have for some of the cool things you have collected.
The world is a weird place filled with signs i believe god puts to show you your on the right path. 



Hobo Neytiri

The dog on the left is my boy Bobo.  I could walk through a crowd of people with no leash and he would follow and stop as I went.  He was a gentlemen.  After Bobo got hit a little over a year ago it was part of what broke me to the core.

His replacement came up for adoption shortly after.  Her name was Hobo she came in on a train with a fugitive.  I thought the name was Ironic.  My wife has changed her sir name to Neytiri like the Avatar Princess.  She didn't want me yelling Hobo trying to track her down.

Little did she know I would meet you Jack and if you don't get this new hearing aid people from the town over will hear me yelling it trying to get you to hear me.

Plan moving forward 

After talking to you and seeing your location and living situation.  I have a squad of athletes that are ready to help and come to your place when the weather breaks some to help you organize build shelving and get rid of some of the paper trash and small clutter that is not antiques that is unsightly for the neighbors.

After talking to more of the people from town on both sides of the fence.  I heard a statement that I dont know if it is true or not but that some of the neighbors have noticed a increase in rodents and other things.  

This can sometimes happen if things are not kept after.  I dont think it is a hard fix to organize and get it looking good at your place in town.  I have other plans to help you with the house and to better make sure the heat is in and the cold is out.

These are things will talk about soon.  Just so you and everyone reading this knows.  I would never take one washer or nut off of your property that you didnt know about.

I can see a day that there will be a Hobo Jack or two carvings laying around that will be availble for purchase.  It will be like the Popcorn sutton of Montgomery county.

It is 3:27 am as I close this out after working continuously for the last several days getting all the money paperwork ect in order for the brubaker building.  I will be editing and fixing this post in the future to add some more pics and video clips possibly.  Just stay tuned.

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