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Dundee Library Project

We hope you enjoyed watching this project come together as much as we did.  We had an absolute blast touring the community and hearing from the residence of East and West Dundee.  We have already booked more work in the area and look forward to exploring more of the beautiful suburbs of Chicago.  After you check out the videos of the project make sure you check out some of the articles written on the project at the photo links below.


Fox time lapse and Dundee nights out all in one.

When we came to carve the Fox at the Dundee Library we stayed in a magical air bnb called the 124 Lofts.  We visited several local establishments and wanted to share our experience along with the carving to make it fun.  If you want a more straight to the point how it was carved check out the video below.

Trip to Dundee from Hubbart Wood

This is some of the behind the scenes driving planing packing and Coffee Shop visits to Elder and Oats.  Fun little clips on our way all the way to the library before we started carving.

Just the timelapse of the Fox Carving

We made this option for informational purposes at the library to show the kids and anyone interested to see the full project start to finish.

Bugs Bunny to be displayed at Dundee Library

With the arts expanding in the Dundee area we thought what a great place to put our Bugs Bunny pulling Chuck Jones out of a Magic hat.  Here is the story on how this piece happened and how we became featured Disney Artist at the Chuck Jones Center For Creativity.

Fox River Valley Dundee Library Culture Statement 

One of the things that blew me away being from a smaller region in Illinois was the diversity and help that the Library really offers.  We are happy Kirstin Choose Hubbart Wood to be part of the Dundee Library Family.

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