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Teaching the Youth

What an amazing day at the school. I hope you are one of the awesome parents to one of these kids.

Favor Asked:

I asked everyone of the kids to go home and tell their parents that they are awesome. I wanted to teach them the value in lifting someone up. I told them how it has allowed me to do what I am doing.

I asked them if they have ever heard of bullying or if anyone had ever said something that hurt their feelings and how that made them feel.

Then told them they are all awesome. They had amazing questions. I was thoroughly impressed with the questions they had. It made me feel good to know my children are a part of this community and what they are teaching these kids.


I wanted to convey my passion for recycling. My passion for trying to keep the earth a better place. Not only by loving one another and lifting someone up but by loving nature.

I told them how I recycle everything I use.

That is why I am thankful I still had the eagle hugging the Indian around before it makes its trip to Texas where its home will be.

I was able to talk about how the Native American's had passion for the land. How they didnt waste animals trees or land.

How the Eagle was a sacred bird to them and our country.

Lesson #2

I showed them the pictures of my fingers and what can happen if they did not follow instructions to be safe. How important it is to listen to their teachers and their parents.

I let them ask a lot of questions. It felt amazing that they were so into what I was talking about and the carving I brought for them.

I had a lot of them even tell me I was awesome when I was done. Which is awesome because kids have a way of telling you the brutal honesty.

So thank you to all the teachers that had me come to their classroom. Thank you for what you are doing in our community. You Mrs's Teachers are awesome.

Thank you to all the parents for raising your kids to be awesome. I hope you tell them how awesome they are. Ask my kids sometime if they are awesome and what kind of father I am.

Most importantly I hope you are an awesome parent.


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