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Mountain Mike Ayers and Woody Carving at Hubbart Wood

Magie Valley Chainsaw Carver Mike Ayres joins Chris Hubbart of HubbArt Wood to carve at Hubbart Wood in Hillsboro Illinois. Other special guest is Woody from Raeford North Carolina.

From the time they pulled in till the time they pulled out it was chips flying paint spraying wood sealing awesomeness.

We can't wait for you to see some of the awesome sculptures they have made for us to display right here in central Illinois at Hubbart Wood. Which is located at 265 Springfield Rd Hillsboro Illinois 62049.

Mike is no amateur and his style and quickness proves this. He is a bit of an old school production carver. He can pump out reputation work like no ones business.

Take him and mix him up with Carver Chris Hubbart and three long days later you get a polished sexy looking Snoop Logg.

This piece is currently waiting on Snoop Dogg to play at the Illinois State Fair and will not be released until after the concert.

Our personal goal would be to sell it to Snoop or someone he knows for him. We are looking to get $25,000 for the piece from Snoop of which some of that money will go to help support local youth programs that better our community.

We are also creating a buyers list just in case Snoop does not have a place to keep a life size walnut Pimp on display. If you are interested in getting on the list please email Chris at the buyers list is starting at $50,000 obo. We will write down anyone that is interested and their offer. It may go higher than the $50,000 and we are ok with that.

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