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Snoop Logg is on the Market

We are excited how well this Snoop Logg carving turned out. It is carved into a gorgeous walnut tree that was dead. That being said there is minimal to no cracking as the wood had time to dry out before we carved it.

The grain detail in the carving will make you touch it and feel the brilliance of our work. Carved forever into the hands of time out of a Black Walnut log.

We are excited that Snoop Dogg is playing at the Illinois State fair in 2019. Hoping to get the chance to at least meet Snoop and have him sign the carving if he doesn't have a beautiful place to display it or a desire to.

Our price on the Snoop Logg is $25,000 to the one and only Snoop Dogg other than that we are making a buyers list that is starting at $50,000 obo. Stay tuned who knows where this one will go.

Make sure you follow Snoop and check out the new show Jokers Wild. Hopefully you will see this or us in his scope soon.

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