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Worlds largest?

We think we have found what could be the worlds largest morel mushroom growing outside of Witt Illinois. 

It is at KO produce on 15th avenue just outside of Witt Illinois where you can buy local home grown fresh produce every Saturday from 7am to 1pm.  

Walt and Dawn King the owners of the property also service many local stores and restaurants.  keeping them stocked up on fresh veggies.  

Check out some of the pictures below of a few things they have to offer.  

About the mushroom. 

The mushroom has been formally named 

"The Don King"

In memory of Walts late father Don who was an avid hunter and fisherman. 

We had a blast finding this giant shroom in this gorgeous Cedar tree that had the top broke out of it in one of the last storms we had. 

So technically we did find it and it was growing lol.  

Check back soon we have some pretty awesome projects that are being finished up and getting started.  

Giant mushroom carved by Chris and Brianne Hubbart.

Some of Walts produce

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