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Possible State Record Morell In Irving IL

Possible State Record Morell Mushroom spotted in Irving IL. Locals are saying it is the biggest one they have ever seen this close to Rt. 16. But the owner of the property says he wants it to stay in his yard.

Hopefully this will be an important message to many of our viewers. Anyone can post a story or a headline to get views. Their are a lot of fake websites out there that get you to click on links for site profit through ads.

My only purpose in doing this was to get you to check out my work. I hope you find beauty in it and appreciate that it was recycled from nature. Something that was either cut down fell down or was going to be removed by a home owner either way.

I have a burning passion that one day my wife and I's work will be viewed and shared more than a teenage boy pouring milk onto his over sized chest dancing around acting a fool. Seriously a thread I seen people were sharing on facebook showed 85.5Million views. Of a boy pouring milk onto himself.

What is this world coming to?

This is a custom one off project I recently made for a customer in Irving IL.

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Or right here on the Hubbart Wood web page. We are diligently working to keep our blog up to date with current events and projects. We have some big things in the works Stay tuned. Thanks for clicking. Most importantly get out there and share this so we can drown out videos like mentioned above.

Chance to win a custom piece made by us and help a kid with classic autism get a service dog.

Click Here to buy your tickets for the custom made bench Or Here

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