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Going into Business Sale

First off I want to tell you we have opened a store front in Hillsboro IL. It is at 265 Springfield Rd Hillsboro IL 62049.

Right across from Lomas Del Sol and Ace Hardware on rt 16 next to Paris Frozen Foods.

We will be working around the clock like Christmas elves to make sure your loved ones get amazing one off Christmas presents this year.

So what do we offer. We have a 6000 sq ft space of awesomeness. You can come in and literally watch us craft your product right in front of your eyes through recycled early 1900 windows.

The window wall has gotten great reviews. We have a store room that we offer pick your project materials, DIY materials or amazing hand crafted local art ready to be wrapped in your favorite flavor of wrapping paper for the holiday season.

The picture of the bar above is one of many things ready for purchase setting on the gallery floor.

Some of the things you can expect to find.

Dried Saw Milled lumber, Green Milled Lumber, Wood Slabs, Cedar, Walnut, Pecan, Pine, Cherry, Hickory, Hedge, and many other species.

Barn wood, Barn Doors, Barn Beams, Barn Tin.

Chainsaw Carvings, Beautiful Art Work

We offer space for local artist to also display their work. So it is hard to say what will walk through the door on any giving day.

Their is custom made tables ready to go, 73 mustang car hood bench ready for that perfect spot all of your friends or customers will see as they come in.

Hand crafted necklaces, crafts, bird houses, canes, walking sticks and much more.

There has not been one person that has come into the Gallery that has not been amazed.

Keep following us as we are trying to get our site up to date. Or for more up to date information find us on facebook or just come over.

How I got started.....

This is a question that a lot of people ask me a lot. Check back tomorrow on our blog and I will answer this question.

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