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Rebel Flag fading from American Flag

This one is going all the way to Tennessee. To Eddie and Susie Hamilton if you didn't notice.

The pipeline has been good to our local community. We are very blessed and thankful to have the business in town. We have made several good connections to other states like Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia.

Eddie and Susie are good Southern People.....

I was a little bit hesitant about this project. Just for a second. I was worried that if I did this rebel flag people would think that I am racist or that I condone Racism.

Which neither is true. I could not be more un Racist. Almost a Rebel against racism. See what I did there.

For me growing up that is what I thought the Rebel flag meant. To be a Rebel; To Rebel.

Some use it to the extreme. To hate a color or a race.

Some remember their families loved ones that may have perished fighting for a torn apart country.

I had to ask Eddie if he was a racist.

He laughed and said no way. He looked at it as southern pride. A pride for what his country has gone through. A remembrance.

He continued to tell me that he has African American friends.

I was working here at the shop one day. A state officer stepped out of his un marked cruiser put his hat on and came towards the door.

He had to be seven feet tall.

He was an African American man that was in amazing shape. He come to check out Hubbart Wood at 265 Springfield Rd Hillsboro Illinois 62049.

He was the head of Diversity for the Illinois State Police.

I stumbled on my words as I was showing him through our shop. I explained to him it was because I am going to put a rebel flag on a piece.

I asked him what his opinion or views against the flag was.

He laughed. He said it didn't offend him one bit. He explained to me that he grew up in Greenville a all star football player. He didn't even know that racism existed until he went to college.

We had amazing conversation. One of them was about a boys group that he runs for troubled youth. He thought it would be awesome for me to share my story and trade with the youth coming through his program. Keep following to see how this progresses.

We hand scale every piece with love. My wife Brianne is a sensational artist.

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