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Fairy Sculpture In Hillsboro Illinois

Photo Credit The Journal-News Mike Plunkett

There has been a lot of buzz about the Fairy I recently carved at the Meyer residence and it is over whelming how many people want to see it.

Before I tell you exactly where it is located I wanted to take a short second to thank you for the support.

My wife and I took a giant leap of faith to do art as our full time income.

Photo credit: The Journal-News Mike Plunkett

It was scary quitting a full time $32 an hour state job that I was miserable with. But to be able to do something that we love has been priceless.

Scary but Priceless.

We would not have been able to do it though without you. The public support has been tremendous.

As of writing this post almost 20,000 people have seen the Fairy Several hundred people have shared it and multiple people have taken the time to comment on it saying how much they love it.

Which has tremendously helped give us the strength to carry on in this crazy journey.

There is talk about putting the Fairy on the Tourism Map for Montgomery County and I can't even begin to explain how awesome that has made us feel.

A Little About the Fairy.

Angela Meyer is a local artist herself. She makes some phenomenal mugs and crafts out of ceramic. Well out of clay then fires them in her personal Kiln.

One look at their paradise and you will see that it is an Artist Haven. I couldn't think of a better place for this fairy to be.

Tim and Angela are working on opening up a full blown pottery/ wood working studio in the years to come, very close to where the fairy stands. Their new shop will be more customer friendly with walk in times and a place to view some of Angela and Tim's creations.

Though I do not have any pictures of Tim's work right off hand I can tell you he is amazing at what he does.

I was humbled to work with someone that had so much amazing knowledge about wood working when it came to Cabinets and Furniture making. You will simply just have to see it first hand to know what I mean.

For now you can contact Angela by Facebook HERE or by simply emailing here by clicking HERE.

There are a couple of rules you have to follow when visiting the Fairy.

First of all be careful. Their driveway is right on a hill and I have seen people fly down their road.

So if you park don't get out in the road on the blind side of the hill.

The most important rule is to watch out for her children that like to run by the road.

When I say children I mean her precious little dogs that she watches over better than most people do their kids.

Here is proof.

Asides from poor little Guido here they do have a bigger lab that is deaf and can be a little territorial.

Its best not to try and pet her if it appears no one is close by.

With all that being said please be respectful and kind when and if you are taking a look at the carving.

Their Address is

10379 Miller Trail

Hillsboro IL, 62049

Want a Giant Fairy, Deer, Sasquatch in your yard. Make sure you click the contact us page and send me a message to get on the list.

Or simply shoot us an email at To see start to finish pictures of the Fairy visit our facebook page.

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