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Service Dog for Calan

Calan was diagnosed with classic autism at the early age of two years old. Along with having autism he has also been diagnosed with Pica which is a disorder where children try to eat things that are not edible.

We love jumping on board with great causes. To think that a service dog will make Calan's life a little bit more peaceful and have a chance at potentially saving Calan's life is a no brainer for us.

To often it is easy as Americans to get caught up in the busy hustle and bussel of life and not think about how good we have it.

I can not imagine going to sleep with one ear open wondering if my child is going to try to make an escape out of the house. I can not imagine my son not being able to tell me he loves me or how awesome he thinks I am.

As a family we have been over whelmed with the information that has been brought forth to us about autism. It is a clear sign from god that we have to help in this adventure with this family.

When I purchased the truck I used to pick up our large carvings and do tree work I got the first real conscious look at autism. The gentleman that sold me the truck had an autistic son and started to explain some of the things that came with it. A few months ago I had the pleasure to talk to one of my brothers I went to school with. His name is Ty Goad who also has a son with autism. After speaking with Abby Bugg about the posibilities of helping Calan's cause I had the pleasure of speaking with someone that was very knowledgeable about autism.

She told me that the projected rate of autistic children that are being born is 1 in 4. This is no longer a fluke of luck. This is a epidemic. I believe that we as good citizens can no longer set on the side line and hope that they figure it out. I believe as servants to god it is our duty to jump on the fore front and help with raising awareness and funding to get to the bottom of this.

I am happy to announce that Hubbart Wood will be making a bench in honor of this cause that will go up for raffle. The tickets will be $10 each or $25 for 3. Here is a priveous bench that we made for a fundraiser that assisted Mt. Olive school in getting some cash.

So not only are you going to get a unique one of a kind piece of art work from us. But you are going to get a chance to help in the efforts to potentially save a child's life. This had a 25% chance of happening to you or one of your loved ones. Hopefully you do not know the real struggles that these parents face everyday with something that should be so simple as to just live a happy life.

God bless any of you that have already jumped on board or have donated money to this cause. $25,000 is a lot of money to raise by ones self. It will take a united community coming together to get this done. We got this.

If you would like a ticket for a chance to win the bench I will be making please make sure you say IM IN under the comments on this post on facebook or this very website. Make sure you like the Hubbart Wood page and share so more people from the community have the chance to see it.

We will be updating everyone with pictures of the bench we will be making. It will have an Autism puzzle piece theme to it and maybe some hints from superman. For those of you that didn't know superman is very tied into the autism world. I don't have the exact vision for it yet but I can guarantee you We will go out of our way to make sure you will be very proud to own it.

Here are some of the links where you can find more information about the ongoing effort to get Calan and this family a service dog that they desperately need.

Their Facebook Page:

Their Funding Page where you can donate directly to the cause:

by Tim Tucker

Lord, let thy peace fill me up until I overflow; that where people cannot speak, I may be their advocate; that where anyone is rejected, I may extend my arms in welcome; that where parents are heavy burdened, I may offer a word of comfort; that where our children struggle, I may lift them up and cheer; that where some see disability, I may reveal to them extraordinary gifts; that where others judge, I may share with them my deep gladness; and that where any are overlooked, I may help the lights of all to shine.

O Giver of These Gifts, grant that I may not so much seek to be reassured as to reassure; to be praised, as to praise; to be accepted, as to accept; for it is in all our uncertainty that we are inspired to hope; it is in great challenges that we discover our greatest joys, and it is in our community of wanderers that we find the way home.


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