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ATTN: Local Artist is expanding in a big way and we want you to expand with us. We are looking for local talent to help us contribute to our amazing new show room space. Please submit any pictures to along with your name and contact information.

If you are not an artist tag a friend to let them know about this amazing opportunity.

Your art work can but does not have to be wood.

We are pretty particular on quality of work and craftsmanship. At the same time we love unique and original ideas. is looking to help build other artist in the area and put their work on display for purchase.

Let us help you help us help you break the old broke artist saying. Our website and multimedia traffic is already developed. Our new location offers 10,000 cars a day a chance to run in and grab something awesome.

All submissions will be reviewed. Please allow up to one week for a response. All artist will get a message back either way. Thanks in advance. We look forward to checking your stuff out.

If we agree to display your work a legal contract and details of sale will be presented at the time of delivery.

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