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Retired Gone Fishing Fan Photo

I absolutely with every ounce of my soul love what I do. It is not my job it is my

passion. Make sure you check out my other blog post about my visit to the elementary school to hear more on my passion.

I got these photo's messaged to me today from the nice lady from Hillsboro Area Hospital that overseen and hired me to make this project for the Hillsboro Area Hospital.

It was for Sharon Clark who was retiring after 35 years of service to our local community. Sharon and her husband were relocating to spend the rest of their days in a peaceful community in TN.

Sharon felt compelled enough and thought enough of the bench she was given made by me to send her photos showing off her new bench.

Hers to you Mr. and Mrs. Clark. I pray that you will spend many relaxing days on this bench with that beautiful view of the pond. Thank you so very much for all the lives you must of helped and served in your 35 years at Hillsboro Area Hospital.

We sincerely appreciate the photos and it means the world to us that you thought enough of us and took the time out of your busy schedule to send them in.

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