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Artist Make Money From Home

No more starving artist in Montgomery and surrounding county's. Do you or someone you know make amazing pieces of art that you think should be recognized. If so your gonna want to share this article.

Artist are a different breed of people. Most of the time they are amazing artist but lack socially. Jim Morrison is a good example of this.

With this comes not wanting to deal with someone saying they are going to pick something up. The time that it takes to plan a schedule around yourself and someone you don't know can be stressful.

Hubbart Wood located 265 Springfield Rd in Hillsboro Illinois has built a 6000 Sq Ft art facility that ensures artist don't have to deal with someone not showing up. It also gives you an opportunity to put your art in front of people that are shopping for art and home decor.

Located right off of Rt. 16 in Hillsboro we get around 10,000 passer byes a day. We have had people stop in from all over the country. Our website where we will also market incoming artwork has started to reach all over the world.

We get hits on a daily basis from Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and much more.

We do not charge for a booth space. Which means you don't pay unless you sell. Even then we only charge 20 percent of the selling price to help cover cost of overhead and advertising expenses.

Take a look at our art Gallery so far.

We are working diligently to ad more wall space with lighting to make each piece stand out. Some of our art has already made its way to Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana, California, Wyoming, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana and I am sure I am for getting a few.

If you are interested in displaying your art at Hubbart Wood please send some pictures or examples of your work to , text 217-556-2979 or simply bring some in.

Some of the things we are looking for but are not limited to are. One off original paintings, Pop art, Drawings, Sculptures. Furniture with an artistic flavor that would fit well in our space.

Metal Art, Charcoal Art and much more.

Hubbart Wood is starting its very own magazine to come out Quarterly. We will be featuring local talent and some of the stories that we encounter doing what we do everyday. We are looking for our first issue to come out mid January. Don't just set back and wish you were in the first issue.

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