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Not your grandpa's shovel

Well maybe. I am unsure who's shovels they were. But this just in here at Hubbart Wood. Located at 265 Springfield Rd Hillsboro IL 62049.

We have these priced to sell. Along with the guy who made these. Now let me tell you this.

These are like most items here. They are hand made. They can not be reproduced on a large or exact scale. What we have is what we got. First come first serve.

These are perfect little gifts for that person that is impossible to buy for during the Christmas season.

Let us know what you think.

A gentleman and his wife brought these in. They make them together. He welds them up and she paints them. He finally got to retire out of the rat race and is doing something he loves to do with his wife.

Thats what this place is all about. And we love it. Hope you do too. See you soon.

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